Call for Supporter Members

We have the potential to develop the farm on around 20 acres of land providing sufficient room for a significant amount of vegetable and fruit production. This is a map of the proposed area:

The farm will strengthen the food culture in the town, provide opportunities for volunteering and employment, provide an educational resource for local schools and youth groups as well as a safe space for families to enjoy and participate in food production and learn about the health and environmental benefits of fresh food grown with nature.

Get involved

To help shape the vision we want to recruit founding members to form a Community Benefit Society. This is a not for profit organisation that is founded to support the local community within which it is located and that all profits generated are reinvested in its founding objectives. Overtime we intend to work as a group to develop the membership so that people can invest in the social objectives of the farm through a series of different membership types:

As a member you will be able to participate in the running of the farm by voting on key decisions and demonstrating to grant funders and other investors the weight of support from the community.

We will start by inviting people to join as Supporter Members (initially free of charge). Over time we hope to launch additional membership offers. We will be inviting people to join in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in talking to us more or have any questions in the interim please message us on Facebook ( or reply to our email address


  1. I am interested in becoming a member but my contribution may only be financial as I am getting on in years and I find the concept planned is a welcome to Wellington. Congratulations and good luck.

  2. We are signed up as members, with my partner’s email address. Can you add my email to your contacts list so that I get the newsletter too please.

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