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More information about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Regenerative agriculture, local food networks and other stuff we’re interested in.

What is CSA?

How to start a CSA project:

How to grow a CSA network in the UK:

What is Regenerative agriculture?

Here are trailers for two recent films about Regenerative Agriculture:

Here is a 60min documentary about restoring soil health:

Other CSA projects


A map of CSA projects in the UK:

Five Acre Farm in the Midlands:

Dragon Orchard, Sharecropping in Herefordshire:

CSA around the world



CSA funding:

Financial benefits of CSA

Alternative economics


How to choose what type of organisation we become?

What is a community benefit society?

Other interesting things

Farming systems comparison

The Rodale Institute in the US has an ongoing 40 year old trial running side-by-side comparisons of organic and chemical grain cropping systems.

Natural sequence farming:

Community Composting

Can growers have too much information?

Could a pond make management decisions for your organisation?

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