Town and District Councils Support Purchase of ‘Green Corridor’

Somerset West and Taunton (SWT) Council says it has secured funds, subject to approval, to purchase approximately 63 acres of land between the Basins and Rockwell Green, including the proposed site of Wellington Community Food. If approved, this would present a really exciting development. If SWT is unable to proceed with the purchase then Wellington Town council has said it intends to seek approval to apply for a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to buy the land.

It is fantastic that both councils support making the land a community asset, bringing it into public ownership and preserving it for future generations. The chances of getting spades into the ground (soon?) are looking good.

The proposed purchase includes Hilly Head and adjacent land (see map below). In addition to the farm, it would maintain the green corridor between Wellington and Rockwell Green and provide an important ecological space protected from development.

Proposed land to be bought outlined in red

Wellington Community Food Ltd continues to work with the councils on the proposal, developing plans for the Community Farm on 18 acres of the land.

The production of fruit and vegetables grown with sustainable and regenerative farming brings a multitude of benefits:

– Affordable veg boxes of fresh, locally grown food

– A location for environmental education

– Volunteer workers will be physically active in green spaces, connecting with the land

– Healthy soil – minimum tillage without chemical inputs allowing soil life to thrive

Besides the Community Farm, council ownership of the land also intends to:

• Extend the allotments to provide extra capacity.

• Improve active travel options around the town through the creation of multi-user access tracks linking Tonedale to Rockwell Green and Westford.

• Develop additional junior sports pitch capacity.

• Protect the waterways linked to the Heritage Mill Sites.

• Plant trees and create nature rich habitats to help the town reduce its carbon footprint, offset carbon emission and improve biodiversity.

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